Machine knitting workshop/classes

Want to get to grips with your knitting machine?


With 17 years experience working on domestic knitting machines & a 1st class degree in fashion & textile design, I teach online recorded machine knitting workshops  & design for my own knitwear label. My first book “Texture and 3D Effects” was published in 2023, with lots of inspiration for creating interesting textural fabrics with a domestic single bed knitting machine.

My machine knitting workshops are brilliant for complete beginners, intermediates, students (A level & above, they are a great head start for fashion textile degrees & foundation art courses) and creatives who want to try something new. They are also great for more experienced machine knitters who want some new ideas on how to create different & interesting fabrics from basic techniques. I talk about my own practice & how I think about designing, sampling & knitting throughout the classes. The idea behind all of these workshops is that you are taught a range of techniques starting with the basics with lots of ideas on how to manipulate & change them so that afterwards you can explore with confidence the world of machine knitting. For more in depth information about what you will learn please see each workshop.

If you’ve tried to learn how to use a knitting machine at home alone and are stuck, these workshops are for you!

My workshops are now being hosted on Podia- which means they are available to download straight away! You can find all of my workshops, including two new ones and machine knitting patterns here.

I’m currently on maternity leave (from 3rd May 2024, so any questions will take a little longer to respond to). All machine knitting workshops and patterns are still available to buy and download straight away on a new platform here.

Online machine knitting workshops

My workshops are now being hosted on Podia- which means they are available to download right away! I have 6 machine knitting workshops to choose from ranging from beginner to intermediate level skill. Please go and check them out!

Machine knitting workshop reviews

This is hands down the best online machine knitting class! Amber is so thorough with her explanations, she goes through the basics to get you started understanding how the machine works, how to set it up, and how the main techniques you’ll need work, but she also includes TONS of AMAZING inspiring samples that combine different techniques and yarn types and talks through how they’ve been made. This part of the course is SO inspiring and will go a long way in nudging your imagination. Absolutely recommend Amber’s classes, I’ll take any new one she puts out there!

Fantastic weekend workshop. From total beginner with no experience I now feel confident to get started on my knit machine having learnt so many techniques. I came away feeling very inspired by all the possibilities! Thank you Amber, hoping to come back for another course soon

Want to learn even more about machine knitting?

My new book “Machine knitting techniques: Creating texture and 3D Effects” is available to order now.