Winter Walks- What you need to wear to stay cosy

Going into lockdown number two has meant coming back to the things I know are good for me.  Walking in nature has been such a calming tonic this year & now that we’re in the colder months- it’s time to get out the knits.  Winter walks can be so beautiful, that crisp golden sunshine, autumnal leaves, all you need is some beautifully soft knitwear to complete the picture. Below you’ll find my favourite stylish knits for all types of cold!


When you just need a little extra warmth around the neck, these snoods are the perfect piece.  Wear them folded like pictured or high around the face.  They’re such a chic addition to a winter wardrobe.


Perfect for that extra bit of warmth down the front, these neck warmers are my favourite throw on piece.  They work particularly well with jackets that are more open at the front, giving you some more protection from that frosty wind.  Wear the neck up or down depending on how cold it is, and these colours work with all sorts of coats.

Really Chilly…..

For when you need comfort as well as warmth, I love swathing myself in a big blanket scarf.  This colour is new this year & I love it.  Blanket scarves can be worn multiple ways, giving lots of looks for one piece. These scarves work perfectly at home too, snuggled on the sofa in the evening.


Joan jumpers really are the thing when faced with bitter cold winds.  Cosy, stylish & minimal so they’ll go nicely with the rest of your winter wardrobe, these are my favourite investment pieces.   This roll neck minimal design keeps you warm & stylish all in one.  And what’s better than wearing one Joan jumper?- How about two!

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