Little moments of simple living

Hello all,

Life seems to be slowing down, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  I have found myself taking more time over the small things, indulging in self care and moments of calm, and in those moments thinking about what I can create & put out into the world.

I have been finding comfort in little daily routines; sitting in front of my dressing table and taking my time with skincare have become small moments of calm & pleasure for me.  I decided to use some limited edition cotton yarn to create some new facecloths that I think will really add to that experience.

Take me to them

How are they made?

I made these facecloths on my vintage domestic knitting machine Doris in the Bristol sunshine.  They’re re-usable and machine washable & a great eco friendly alternative to disposable cotton pads.


What do they feel like?

They have two different textures, soft enough to feel luscious against your skin, but with enough resistance to help with cleansing.  After a wash they will become even softer & shrink in a little.


Never used facecloths before?  Here are some helpful articles:

I made these to help enjoy those simple living moments that bit more & send you all the love and warm wishes.



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