Machine knitting workshop/classes

**I am currently on maternity leave.  Online workshops are still available to purchase during this time, all of the downloadable files will be sent out on the Friday after your order & email support will be a little less during this time. I rarely have to help with any technical issues, but please do email if you have any & I will try to help as quickly as I can. If you do have a technical issue, please try re-downloading ALL the files and opening again.

With over 14 years experience working on domestic knitting machines & a 1st class degree in fashion & textile design, I teach online recorded workshops  & design for my own knitwear label based in Bristol. These machine knitting workshops are brilliant for complete beginners, intermediates, students (A level & above, they are a great head start for fashion textile degrees & foundation art courses) and creatives who want to try something new.  They are also great for more experienced machine knitters who want some new ideas on how to create different & interesting fabrics from basic techniques.  I talk about my own practice & how I think about designing, sampling & knitting throughout the classes.  The idea behind all of these workshops is that you are taught a range of techniques & the basics with lots of ideas of how to manipulate & change them so that you can explore with confidence the world of machine knitting afterwards.   For more in depth information about what you will learn please see each workshop.

For each workshop you will receive a recording of a live online workshop, with video files demonstrating techniques, in depth commentary, inspirational images and textile samples, written worksheets & access to a private support group on Facebook.

Please use a working email address when paying to receive information prior to the workshop & the digital files afterwards.

This is hands down the best online machine knitting class! Amber is so thorough with her explanations, she goes through the basics to get you started understanding how the machine works, how to set it up, and how the main techniques you’ll need work, but she also includes TONS of AMAZING inspiring samples that combine different techniques and yarn types and talks through how they’ve been made. This part of the course is SO inspiring and will go a long way in nudging your imagination. Absolutely recommend Amber’s classes, I’ll take any new one she puts out there!

This online workshop was so helpful and inspiring and a perfect way to learn more about machine knitting. Amber has amazing knowledge on everything knitting and is so generous in sharing that with all the people on the course. The fact you’ll get videos of each technique to keep afterwards is a perfect bonus too. I would totally recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about machine knitting!