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Knitwear pilling comb- a wooden bodied comb & copper comb with the Amber Hards logo, for keeping your knits in perfect condition.

What is pilling?

Pilling is a natural process that happens to all natural yarns after a certain period of wear. Pilling is the bobbling effect that occurs when fibres become knotted together. It’s caused by friction during wear or by the build-up of static electricity underneath other garments, typically showing on the arms & sides of a garment. These bobbles – known as ‘pills’ – can either be picked off or shaved off using a pilling comb. After pilling your jumper a few times, this occurrence should stop completely.

It’s a common misconception that yarns that pill, do so because they are cheaply made and tatty. Often, this is not the case at all.  Pilling (or bobbling) is entirely expected when it comes to superb, all-natural knitwear. In actual fact, pilling authenticates your knits’ natural credentials.  And remember the softer the yarn, the more likely it is to pill. 9 times out of 10, pilling will slow and stop on its own.

How to use

Simply pull the fabric slightly taut, and use the comb to lightly brush the bobbles away.

You can find more information about caring for your knitwear here