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Knitted English rib neck & front warmer made on a vintage knitting machine by hand.

Made with 100% lambswool, this fabric is luxurious & soft to touch, breathable & warm. Knitted in an English rib, the fabric has a slightly different texture on each side & can be worn up around the face or folded softly down.

This piece provides warmth down the front & neck without the extra bulk of a jumper, and works particularly well with jackets/coats that don’t fasten at the front.

The clean lines allow this piece to work well with any minimal wardrobe, and is designed to work with any colour.

Stitched & finished by hand this collared scarf is made beautifully

Measures approx. :
75cm circumference x 24cm
48cm x 20cm from base of collar

100% lambswool spun in Yorkshire.

Lambswool is a fibre taken from a meticulously bred Merino lamb & is soft & lightweight with excellent insulating properties this wool works perfectly for accessories.

Measurements approx:

75cm circumference x 24cm neck

48cm x 20 from base of collar.

It is recommended that you hand wash your woollen scarves, hats or jumpers; do not machine wash.

One of the many benefits of wool is that unless it’s actually dirty, you can just air it for a day or two and any smell will disappear. If you look after your wool well, it will keep you warm and cosy for years to come!

For more in depth care please see here.


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