100% camel hair. Beautifully soft, zigzag design

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Knitted camel hair scarf made on a vintage knitting machine by hand left in its natural colour.

Featuring an open herringbone textured design, this scarf is lusciously soft, billowy & light.

This piece boasts a delicate zig-zag edge & the natural hue is a perfect neutral, so pairs well with any colour.

After construction this piece is washed & steamed to bring out the natural softness of the yarn & feels beautiful against the skin.

Available in two sizes: XL & M

Pictured is XL size.  This product is made to order, please allow 2-3 days processing time before shipping.

100% camel hair

The camel’s pure undercoat is very soft and gathered when camels moult.  Camel hair is harvested in the spring of each year by shearing or by collecting the hair as it sheds naturally from the animals during their six-to eight-week moulting season in the spring.  Due to its quality and scarcity, camel hair is used in luxury textiles.

Measurements :

XL size : approx 57cm width x 200cm long

M: 28cm width x 180cm long

It is recommended that you hand wash your woollen scarves, hats or jumpers; do not machine wash.

For more in depth care please see here.

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