Slouchy hold-to clutch bag, mint green (SAMPLE)

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Luxurious lambswool, huggable & soft.

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This new lambswool 3D triangle clutch bag is a stylish, cosy & generously sized daily essential.  Carry everything you need in an elegant & comforting way- it’s like tucking a pillow under your arm!

Featuring my favourite Geelong Lambswool yarn & a large ring pull, this bag can be easily held & feels special.  Why not treat your bits and bobs to something lovely to live in?!


  • Made by Amber on domestic knitting machine:  Mabel   Stitch: English rib, 200 rows.

Please note these pieces are being sold as samples, the upper zip lining may differ on future bags.

Made from 100% Geelong Lambswool spun in Yorkshire.

Measurements approx. 31 cm long x 52 cm circumference

Geelong Lambswool is a fibre taken from the first shearing of a meticulously bred Merino lamb & is the highest quality of sheep’s wool to be found.  Soft & lightweight with excellent insulating properties this wool works perfectly for accessories.  Only a tiny percentage of all Merino lambswool can be classified as Geelong, making it one of the most exclusive luxury products available.

Knit stitch- English rib, 150 rows.  Made by Amber on Mabel.

Metal zip & pull ring.

3D triangle shape, lies flat when unzipped.

It is recommended that you hand wash your woollen scarves, hats or jumpers; do not machine wash.

One of the many benefits of wool is that unless it’s actually dirty, you can just air it for a day or two and any smell will disappear. If you look after your wool well, it will keep you warm and cosy for years to come!

For more in depth care please see here.


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